Foot Brake
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You need a confident One Foot Balance and One Leg Squat to successfully brake with your foot.
How do it
Braking with your foot is a basic skill every novice rider should work on. To brake quickly and correctly, you need a confident one foot balance and one leg squat.
Place your leading foot in front of the bolts. Push off and balance on your leading foot. Squat down slightly and lower your brake foot until it touches the pavement. Gradually shift your weight onto your brake foot, using friction to come to a halt.
Lower your brake foot either parallel to your leading foot, or bring it slightly forward — this way you should avoud extending your legs. If at high speed you place your brake foot down behind your leading foot and shift your weight onto it too quickly, then there's a good chance it will brake too rapidly, throwing your leading foot forward and you doing the splits.
To avoid falling off the board by catching a pavement crack with your toe, try to slightly raise your toe when braking.
Use both your heel and the middle of your foot as your main braking surface. Be mindful of your foot position and only lift up your toe.