2288 riders can do it
It is a slide where you bear down on your rear foot, which is the tail of the board, and lift your front foot.
How do it
Or 5-0 — a slide in which you bear down on your rear leg and lift your front leg, hence the name tailpress. Much simpler to perform then the nosepress, thanks to the natural distribution of weight, so it’s best tackled first.
Begin your approach.
Perform an ollie, jump up as doing a 50‑50, but shift your body weight onto your rear foot and land on it. Your front foot must not touch the railing on entry, and the board should be strictly parallel to the rail, otherwise your execution will not be considered clean.
Keeping your eyes on the edge of the rail, bend your rear leg and lean back, shifting your weight onto it. Keep your front leg straight.
Handle and shoulders are in a comfortable, natural position. Hold it and ride to the end of the rail.
When riding off bend your rear leg even more and push off from the rail, executing an ollie or just trying to balance your weight in the middle of the rail.