Nollie Varial Heelflip
441 riders can do it
You snap a Nollie and your board does a 180 inward spin, like in a Nollie Frontside Pop Shove-it, while your board spins a Heelflip.
How do it
For this trick you snap a nollie and your board does a 180 inward spin (like in a nollie frontside pop shove-it), while your board also executes a heelflip.
Your front foot is on the nose at a 45 degree angle, close to the edge, heel completely hanging. Your rear foot is near the bolts, closer to the center, toe hanging.
Snap a nollie frontside pop shove‑it, at the same time kicking the board with your back leg, as if for for a heelflip.
The board does a heelflip and rotates 180 degrees. When the board completes a heelflip, which will most likely coincide with the shove-it part of the trick — catch it and land.