Nollie FS Bigspin
2033 riders can do it
This is a Nollie FS 360 Pop Shove-it and Nollie FS Body Varial performed in one direction.
How do it
This is a nollie frontside 360 pop shove-it and nollie frontside body varial executed in one direction.
Feet are in nollie frontside 360 pop shove‑it stance. Back foot is near the bolts, closer to the center, toe and heel hanging. Your front leg’s toe is on the tail.
Snap, spin the board to a nollie frontside 360 pop shove‑it, and spin your body with you shoulders 180 degrees in the direction of movement.
The board is spinning faster than your body. When your frame and board finish rotating and aline, you’ve got it. Land and ride away in switch.