Antoine Carlotti
Стойка на одной ноге
Skating down 18 Corners ⛰ is dope but doing it next to your buddies is even better ! @360_shred @carlosaalvaarez @stenliam and I had the chance to share this run, I fucking loved it as we had so many funny and sketchy moments 😃 Coming into Corner 14 I was behind the boys and a crazy idea poped in my head: « Let’s try a one foot squatty in front of the car » I was too scared to send it in corner 14 so I had to at least try it in corner 15. I was way too stoked after making it ! Can’t wait to see everyone at KNK, Who’s coming in 2021 ? Huge Shoutout to @fredfalco_ For the 🎥 📸 @mirko_paoloni