Boneless 180
778 riders can do it
A combinaion of Indy Grab and Foot Plant performed on the front foot followed by a 180° turn.
How do it
A stylin old school skateboard trick that can be performed on longboards, especially if they're on the shorter side.
Feet are in the center of the board, at shoulder width between bolts.
Crouch and grab the middle of the board with your back hand, as if you're doing an indie grab.
Place your front foot on the ground, making sure the sole is parallel to the other sole on the board.
Shift your weight onto your front leg (which you are straightening out to do a jump), while simultaneously turning your frame frontside. Your back leg stays on the board. You should turn your body 90 degrees before your front leg leaves the ground. It’s very important to keep the board as close to your standing leg as possible.
Jump, complete the second half of the turn while in the air, bend your jumping leg and place it on the board, lower the board with your hand, land and ride off in switch.