4220 riders can do it
While riding a rider walks along the board placing feet criss-cross.
How do it
A basic dancing element.
Back foot is on the bolts, front foot is in the center or somewhere closer to the nose, whatever feels more natural.
Front foot touches the rear foot at a 45‑60 degree angle. Transfer your weight onto your front foot.
Rear foot goes around the front foot, ends up behind it. Transfer your weight onto it.
The foot that is now in the back goes around the front foot and plants down near the bolts.
Back foot returns to it’s original position near the rear bolts. Now you can begin all over again!
P.S. steps 1 and 2 are executed on the edge of the board, laying in the arc in frontside direction, while steps 3 and 4 are executed with the feet in the center of the board, shifting your body weight onto your toes and laying in the arc backside — i.e. carving back and forth.