High Jump With Grab
312 riders can do it
A straight jump with your hand grabbing any part of your board.
How do it
If you feel comfortable during the jump you can add difficulty and style to the jump by adding the grab. The most common is the tail grab. When you grab the tail of the board with back hand. Also it's easier to grab board with back hand to have a better kite control.
Get enough speed, kite at 11/1 o'clock.
Aggressively steer the kite back.
Make an impulse on the bar to return the kite to 12.
Pop off the water and take off.
Release the hand from the bar and take the grab. Bend the leg next to which you are going grab the board.
When you start to come down release the grab and return hand to the bar. Straighten legs a bit, move kite forward.
On the landing bend your knees to absorb the impact, point nose of the board downwind.