High Front 360 With Tail Grab
100 riders can do it
A front rotation with your hand grabbing the tail of the board in the air.
How do it
It's stylish trick especially if you do inverted rotation. Grab actually helps to initiate and accelerate rotation.
Get enough speed, kite at 11/1 o'clock.
Aggressively steer the kite back.
Make an impulse on the bar to return the kite to 12.
On the take off, pop and first you have to bend the front leg. Put you head to the front shoulder and look under your back shoulder on the same time bend your back leg to initiate the front rotation.
Release the back hand, bend your back leg even more and straighten your front leg, so it would be easier to reach board.
When you completed 360, release grab, move kite forward.
On the landing bend your knees to absorb the impact, point nose of the board downwind.