Nathan 'Lanky' Philps
Brisbane City QLD, Australia
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What you’ll learn
I am an expert in breaking down trick mechanics. So on my lesson you will know everything from a basic bunny hop, right up to frontflips, triple tailwhips, double backflips, 1080's and so on. I am able to explain how a trick works, where the forces are generated from, what happens in the air during the trick and how best to get the wheels back under you. I also have honed my vision to the point where I am able to pick up any mistake made in the middle of a trick and actively relay it back to the rider in a way that you completely understand.
About Nathan
I am Certified Freestyle BMX coach, authorised by FreestyleBMX Australia, current King of Dirt champion of Australia. I have been coaching for about 9 years now. I have coached internationally, at the Woodward camps in America, through Japan and England and all around Australia. I'm a fly in coach, participating in various BMX camps and coaching sessions for the last 7 years. During this time I've trained hundreds of riders.
Nathan 'Lanky' Philps
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