Michi Rösler
Vienna, Austria
per hour
What you’ll learn
On my lessons you will learn basic stuff: dropping ramps, simple stalls. I can also teach you beginning tricks: barspins, 180, 360, 540, 720, nohands, nofoot, nothing, as well as expierenced tricks: tailwhips, backflips, frontfips, air variations. And if you want I will help you to master pro level tricks: nohanded-backflips, nohanded-frontflips, 360 tailwhips, 360 nohands.
About Michi
I rode the BMX world cup in Cologne in park and dirt for 3 years straight and qualified for the finals each time I wasn't hurt before them. I also have been coaching riders for almost 4 years.
Michi Rösler
Michi R.
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